I’m Amy. I have a husband and eight kids, intentionally. I homeschool them. I’m a bundle of cray. But I’m happy. We live in California, a half hour drive from the ocean. It’s kind of an annoying thing, being so close to the ocean that you want to be there everyday, and yet far enough that packing up seven kids (because one lives in Oregon, just graduated college) to drive there is a huge ordeal and so you don’t do it all that often.

I’ve been blogging for ten years in various locations around the internet, writing for online magazines and for myself.  I’ve written about daily life, homeschooling, large families, faith, gentle parenting, and simple living, but I’ve never had my niche. My writing has been more of a smorgasbord of my overactive brain. Over the past couple of years, I have begun guiding and coaching mamas (and concurrently, my husband has been coaching papas) in gentle parenting, and as a result, I think I’ve found my niche.

I’m going to write my passions: simplicity (fill in the blank): parenting, marriage, living, homeschooling, family. And I’m going to continue to offer coaching and classes. I’m currently taking Simplicity Parenting Coach Training, and when completed, I will be offering coaching and classes in Simplicity Parenting, alongside our gentle parenting and simplicity life classes.

The thing is, life has become so complicated. Every aspect has been broken down and microscopically examined.  I firmly believe that most things just need to be simplified. That with a bit of simplification and common sense, we can bring peace into our homes and families. So here I am with a niche. I want to help you do that.